If our regular ASB Sealant is the Cadillac of our product fleet, ASB Racing Formula Sealant is the Ferrari. This is the most advanced formula on the market, a product designed for demanding riders only. Always ahead of the pack, our engineers have increased both reaction time and sealing capacity. ASB Racing Sealant has all the standards of our famous ASB Sealant; rapid action, mountain-altitude resistant, unaffected by sub-zero conditions, and eco friendly.  But our racing formula is armed with additional technical properties for elite riders who require only the best in race conditions.  If you are preparing for the podium, you need ASB Racing Formula.


Formulated with biodegradable products that do not harm the environment.


Recommended quantity per tire:

27.5” x 2.1 60ml     

27.5” x 2.2 80ml
29” x 2.1 80ml       

29” x 2.3 100ml
29” x 2.5 120ml 

700 x 28 40ml

Racing Formula Tire Sealant - 32 oz

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